Parent Payment Information

Parent Payment Information

Frankston Primary School is committed to ensuring timely communication between school-home about parent and carer payment information for each year.

This page outlines the parent and carer payment information that is subject to school council approval each year before being forwarded to parents and carers.

Further information for parents may be found through the Education Department – Parent Payment Policy

Please find parent payment information for Prep to Grade Six at Frankston Primary School for 2022.

Extra-Curricular Items and Activities

Frankston Primary School offers a range of items and activities that enhance or broaden the schooling experience of students and are above and beyond what the school provides in order to deliver the Curriculum. These are provided on a user-pays basis – such as extra sporting events, camps, excursions, incursions, aerobics competition, choir performance requirements.

Frankston Primary School chooses to communicate and send this information to parents on a termly basis as these events arise. However, always endeavours to communicate these events as early as possible in order to assist parents and carers with family financial planning.

Financial Support for Families

Frankston Primary School understands that some families may experience financial difficulty and offers a range of support options, including:

  • The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund
  • A variety of payment facilities – credit card, B-Pay, Direct Debit and Cash payments
  • A number of Frankston Primary School ‘Parent Payment Arrangement Options’ (found in parent payment summary and attached to some extra-curricular events)

Parents and carers may also like to discuss alternative payment arrangements and can do so by contacting the Principal or Business Manager:

Ph: 03 9783 3769 | Email:


Parent requests for refunds are subject to the discretion of the school and made on a case-by-case basis. Refunds will be provided where the school deems it is reasonable and fair to do so, taking into consideration whether a cost has been incurred, the Department’s Parent Payment Policy and Guidance, Financial Help for Families Policy and any other relevant information.

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