Communication – Between School and Parents & Parents and School

We are committed to ensuring high level and timely communication between school-home and home-school and acknowledge and understand that open and effective communication is vital across and within our school and strengthens home/school partnerships and contributes to the best learning outcomes for students.

This page outlines the communication platforms that are vital for parents and carers to connect to, to ensure high level communication between school-home and home-school.


ALL newsletters, general whole school and classroom information are SENT THROUGH CLASS DOJO – parents and carers are urged to remain connected and check this main communication platform regularly to ensure you have up to date school information.


Class Dojo is our main platform for communication and is used for:

  • Whole school communication via School Story
  • Classroom teacher communication via Class Story, individual portfolios and private messaging between parents and class teacher.

It is a vital school-home communication platform and we urge all parents to download this free app – classroom teachers can assist parents and carers with an individual access code if you do not have one.

This is how parents can best stay in touch with school / classroom communication, newsletters etc.

Class Dojo is used to upload and share student learning and activities between teachers and students and enables teachers to provide feedback and comments on learning tasks – this can take place through homework or other home learning activities. Student first name and initial of middle name or surname are used by the classroom teacher for student identification. No live chats can occur through Dojo.

Student access – so students can access any required home or school learning assignments and upload completed tasks to personal portfolios for assessment and feedback from their classroom teachers.

Parent Access – to enable access to whole school and classroom communication, to view possible home learning tasks for your child, to enable private messaging and communication directly to classroom teacher.

Teacher – to upload communication to parents and carers, to provide learning tasks for possible home learning and communication directly with parents through private message.

Newsletters & Notices

School Newsletter

Our newsletter is issued out to families in alternate weeks, starting Week One of each term, via Class Dojo and is also posted onto our school website. Our school newsletter aims to share information about school activities, inform parents of upcoming events, and be a forum to celebrate the great work of our students, teachers and community members. Our newsletter also contains information about curriculum, welfare and the progress of school activities.

Phone Calls

School staff may at times ring parents and carers to make contact regarding notification of first aid attendance, absence notification, queries and clarification from the office, general illness and wellbeing, behaviour and academic discussion etc.

For general queries the school will leave a message for the parent and carer to return the call.
If the call is for immediate parent notification such as your child being unwell or sustaining an injury – the school may alternatively ring your emergency contact person.

Please ensure the school is updated regularly of any change of contact details or emergency contacts.

Communication Between Parents & School

Parents and Carers may contact school staff through a number of ways:

  1. Through private message via Class Dojo
    This way will enable your message to get through to the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will either respond directly through private message if appropriate, or will ring the parent at a suitable time for a more thorough conversation.
  2. Through phone contact by ringing the school front office
    At times staff may be available immediately to talk to; however please note, that when teaching and working with students, planning or on yard duty, a message will be taken for the staff member to return the phone call at a convenient time.
  3. Through a note sent with your child
    This way will enable your message to get through to the staff member, and the staff member will call at a convenient time.
  4. Through an email addressed to the staff member via our school email address
    Our school email account is read at least once per day by our office staff; your email will be forwarded onto the relevant staff member who will call at a convenient time.
  5. Through an after school touch base with the staff member
    All touch-base times are required to occur after 3.30pm. This is a quick time for parents and carers to advise the staff member they would like to meet with them on a certain topic, and gives the staff member opportunity to schedule a mutually agreeable time for the discussion.
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